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PlanetMinecraft #2.7:

ShopGUI+: /shop [Wanderer+] - AdvancedBank: /abexp - /abgetmoney [Donator+] and VoidChest: /vc toggle [Enable/Disable] have been added!

mcMMO 'Overhault' has been updated to version: 2.1.43, WildStacker to 2.7.3, RealMoney to 1.0.11, CombatLogX to, AuctionHouse to 1.5.1, EditableSign to 5.5.2, LuckPerms to 4.4.0, WildChests to 1.2.5, Rifle's Chairs to 5.2, CraftingStore to 2.1.0, WildTools to 2.4.8, ChatControl to 5.8.0, RealDualWield to 1.1.14, GoldenEnchants to 2.0.0, RealDualWield, Harbor, AdvancedBank, ShopGUI+, VoidChest have been added, AreaShop, SimpleEggs, ChestShop, WildChests have been removed and Spigot.jar has been updated to the latest 1.13.2 build!

Discord: [Infinity] roll has been added: discord.io/Savaria.

Donator: [Infinity] rank has been added: savaria.craftingstore.net.

WorldReset: World_Nether and World_End have been reset on Tuesday - 09/04/2019 - 03:30/15:30 PM GMT +1.

RealDualWield: This plugin enables Attacking Mobs - Animals - Players with left-hand and realistic animations [Baron+]!

Harbor: This plugin enables skipping nighttime when 50% [online-players] are in bed/sleeping!

AdvancedBank: This plugin enables the ability to store: Items - Money - Experience on Personal Bank-Accounts!

EssentialsX: [Wanderer+] and [Donator+] Kits got revamped with better: Tools - Armor - Items - Enchantments and /Kit ExtremeBonus [Extreme+] - InfinityTools - InfinityArmor - InfinityBonus [Infinity+] have been added!

ShopGUI+: This plugin enables a whole new and modern/premium buying/selling experience in Savaria: /shop [Wanderer+]!

VoidChest: This plugin enables better and even more stable Sell-Chests with a Sell-GUI [Extreme+]!

Event: FREE [Donator] Rank worth 10$! First, Second and Third prices! Discord: https://discord.io/Savaria

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